GroopDealz Website Review & Ratings + GroopDealz Coupons
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GroopDealz Website Review & Ratings + GroopDealz Coupons

GroopDealz: Products & Services

Groopdealz is a daily deal site that specializes in handmade boutiques. Every day new deals are posted that run for 24-48 hours. Items ordered are shipped directly from the seller and arrive within a few days. Groopdealz aggregates boutique deals from hundreds of shops and designers, making certain its visitors find beautiful pieces at affordable prices.

GroopDealz: Company Background

Groopdealz Llc is the parent company of Groopdealz Llc is also known as Groopville, Inc. This company was founded in 2010 and they officially started their business in 2011.This company was founded by Harrison M Mitchell who is currently the President/CEO of the company. When this company was founded, it was privately held.

Their main office is in Utah. They do not have store or shop. Only online shopping is possible here in United States & Canada. Groopdealz, Inc had $1.6 Million in estimated annual revenue and has a business of selling miscellaneous merchandising products.

GroopDealz: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Groopdealz, Inc maintains a user friendly website that provides necessary all information that customers may look for. Moreover they have provided detail contact information so that customers can easily reach to them. Here each deal is specified with price, various color & size of the product that is available, when they can ship it to customer etc. which makes it easy for the customers to make the best choice from them. Some positive snippets of customers feedbacks are given below:

I love GroopDealz! They have some fantastic things. I haven’t been disappointed in anything there. I did get burned on one thing when they first started as it never arrived. It was an inexpensive item and after I tried to contact the seller several times I reported it to GroopDealz and they took care of it. They have since revamped the site and that has never happened again. It is a great site! ” - Diana

In a blog Sarah B. has reviewed that,

So, I came across this site a short time ago and I can’t stop ordering from them!  I first didn’t want to look twice because I honestly don’t really dig companies with their names intentionally spelled wrong.  BUT I am glad I looked because I am hooked!  This is a boutique deal site but doesn’t feel annoying like a lot of other deal sites.  I think it is because it’s all fresh/new stuff and only one or two new deals per day which is nice.  I get overwhelmed with sites that have 20+ new deals per day to sort through.  The site is just fun, simple and has some really good deals on some one of a kind things!

Here are some consumer feedbacks in a personal blog of Kristina,

I’ve had a good experience with the folks at GroopDealz overall. My prints didn’t sell like I had hoped, but I know that the exposure from being listed on the site really helped bring more people to my Etsy shop so that is a bonus! Holly @ GroopDealz has been super sweet. I would work with them again – just probably choose a single print that can be customized. I think since they chose the set of three prints that were at a higher price-point – that discouraged some folks from buying them – I think folks mostly want to purchase items that are like 70% off, but I couldn’t do that and make a profit. :) Overall though, like I said, I had a good experience. :) Hope that helps! Best of luck to you! Hugs!

Though Groopdealz has many positive feedbacks from customers, it has some negative feedback too.

GroopDealz: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Groopdealz, Inc i.e. Groopville, Inc is not BBB Accredited. Though it has started Business in 2011 and BBB file is opened in 2012, it did not get BBB accreditation. BBB Accreditation gives customers a total overview about any company. Therefore it becomes important to customers while buying any product from any company. Though Groopville, Inc does not have BBB Accreditation , they are doing pretty well in their Business.

GroopDealz: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

The site got a Global ranking of 51,670 according to the Alexa traffic rankings. Most of the visitor of this site is female and they browse it from home. The site has attained a traffic rank of 10,418 in US since most of its audience is located there. The site has 3% search traffic with average impact on search queries. The Google page Rank value is 4 out of 10 with estimated 55,700 unique visitors visited the site per month.

GroopDealz: Social Media Presence

Groopdealz, Inc’s official website maintains a blog for the customers’ feedback & review which is most often updated whenever a new product has arrived in store.Moreover the company is present to the common social networking sites. Such as Facebook with 425,128 likes and 86,884 are talking about them. In Twitter page they have 7,896 followers, 2,220 following and 3,512 tweets. They are also in Pinterest where they have 115 likes and 1,423 pins. Their social networking links are found at their site.

GroopDealz: Website Security & Safety

Groopdealz, Inc guarantees secure browsing and transaction to their site through SSL encryption. Their SSL certificate is given by the Norton Secured. Moreover this site uses a secure connection (https: //) while taking payment information too. Google’s Diagnostic Page  tests that this site is not currently suspicious. When Google visited the site, for the four pages tested there was no malicious software downloaded and even installed without user's consent. Moreover over the past 90 days, did not appear as midway for other sites to get infected with. The last time that Google visited the site is dated 2013-05-08.

GroopDealz: Pricing & Packages

The most significant feature that makes Groopdealz different from others is that here customers can buy any product less than the prevailed retail price in the market. There are discounts for every product. Therefore customers can buy any product at a convenient price. Some products such as Kids item, Jewelry, Dresses & shoes can be purchased between $2.00 to $50.00. Other products in the company may range from $2.00 to any amount according to the customers' choice and test. But the customers are sure to  have a minimum amount of discount  making it easy for the right product at a right price.

GroopDealz: Shipping Rates & Policies

Groopdealz Inc offers shipping only in United States & Canada. The expected ship date is in between 7-21 days after the deal ends or within a specific date.They also charge a specific amount for shipping the product which varies from product to product. Groopdealz Llc tries their best to deliver the product within the specified time & with less cost. Therefore they ship products only in two regions so that they can provide better service to the customers.

GroopDealz: Payment Methods Accepted

Customers can use any convenient method while paying Groopdealz Llc since they support debit card & credit card. They accept all popular media such as Master Card, Visa Card, Discover Card, Amex Card and Pay Pal for shopping. When customers want to buy any product, they can easily use one of the paying medium which is then processed by Authorize.Net .

GroopDealz: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Groopdealz Llc believes in better customer care service therefore they have a good return/ refund policy for some specific products.  A customer can return ordered merchandise within the 14 days period of receiving the product. Returned products must be in their original packaging. Otherwise they will not accept that product. After the product is received by them necessary refunding steps are taken. They take only one week to refund the product & give a reply to the customers.

GroopDealz: Product images & screenshots
GroopDealz Coupons
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